The Cowboy Arts

Learn Saddlemaking

From time to time, I offer instruction in saddlemaking. These opportunities usually consist of a five day program where the student watches as a saddle comes together. Each day is carefully planned so that most of a plain saddle is complete in the five day period. You can contact me for more details including a class overview.

Learn Stamping

Also offered are flower-stamping classes for beginners to advanced craftsmen. These opportunities consist of two to three days each. Roughly half of the class time is devoted to designing on paper and the other half executing designs in leather. I spend a good bit of time demonstrating design techniques as well as execution.

My Principles

I believe that much of our success as craftsmen depends upon our attitudes toward the process of designing and producing great work. Students are given instructional tools that will enable them to enhance their skills of observation, utilizing a rhythm of self-critique. There is always plenty of discussion about how we might shape our minds in order to produce the kind of work that we would like to be known for. I incorporate solid design principles focusing on composition, balance, value and variety; borrowing from ideas that have been around for hundreds of years within the art world.

Please Contact me for more information on upcoming educational programs.