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Building a Headstall & the Secrets of Hand Sewing with Cary Schwarz

headstalldvd1Cary Schwarz and Schwarz Productions (TJ Schwarz) presents something for beginner and advanced leather carvers.

In this DVD tutorial Cary Schwarz builds a standard headstall while demonstrating the techniques he uses to achieve the high level of quality he is known for. All of the components are hand sewn and heavy emphasis is placed on techniques for hand sewing efficiency. Cary has learned hand sewing techniques from craftsmen all over the world and has spent lots of time experimenting to find what works best. Finally, Cary fits the headstall to a horse where he gives his thoughts on possible adjustments for tailoring the headstall to fit your horse specifically.

length: 75 minutes

$60.00 + shipping and handling


Proper Saddle Cleaning and Oiling with Cary Schwarz


Veteran saddlemaker Cary Schwarz shows how he cleans and conditions a saddle. He discusses the products and tools he uses while demonstrating many very critical techniques. Having cleaned many saddles, Cary is also able to dispel many common myths about proper saddle care. This DVD was created by answering some of the most common questions that customers ask Cary.

length: 46 minutes

$29.95 + shipping and handling


Beaver Tail Bucking Roll Construction with Cary Schwarz


Cary demonstrates his unique methods for building very durable beaver tail bucking rolls. These techniques can also be applied to bucking rolls composed of other types of leather. They are lined with canvas and feature design elements that Cary has developed while creating these rolls over the course of 30 years.

Patterns for the various cut outs are included with the DVD.

length: 75 minutes

$65 + shipping and handling


Leather Shop Techniques Two Disk Bundle

This two disk set covers five topics:

Tools: Cary discusses each of the tools he uses every day. He takes the time to describe why it’s such an important tool, then demonstrates how to use it while pointing out some valuable little tips and tricks (this includes sharpening techniques for each of the edged tools).

Hand Sewing: Tips for threading needles, positioning hands, and finding rhythm while hand sewing are discussed. Cary also compares and contrasts hand sewing to machine sewing, outlining the advantages of each and what makes them so different mechanically.

Finishing Techniques: Cary demonstrates the use of his preferred finishing products that help make his projects look and feel top notch. This includes a segment on his durable hot wax edge finishing technique.

Leather Discussion: Not all areas of a cow hide produce the same quality and type of leather. In the film Cary shows what locations on a hide produce the best quality as well as what the other areas might be used for. He then describes the various types of tannage a piece of leather might have and what advantages and disadvantages each type has.

Shop Tour: Cary gives a full tour of his shop and equipment while sharing his thoughts on how a work area should be organized.

length: 92 minutes

$90 + shipping and handling


Seat & Cantle Binding Installation with Cary Schwarz

seat-cantdvdCary Schwarz demonstrates how he cuts out a saddle seat and fits it cleanly to the saddle. He then follows through with a unique technique of inlaying the cantle binding that will make a Cheyenne roll look and function better. Detailed hand sewing techniques for cantle bindings are also featured.

length: 95 minutes

$80 + shipping and handling


Rigging & Fork Cover Installation with Cary Schwarz

rig-forkdvd1Watch Cary Schwarz as he demonstrates and describes his techniques for installing a flat plate rigging and a fork cover. This includes methods for creating symmetry in the rigging, an efficient method for pattern cutting a fork cover, and much more. This content is very unique and is useful to all levels of craftsmen.

length: 55 minutes

$80 + shipping and handling


Saddle Construction Two Disc Bundle

bundleDISK 1: Rigging & Fork Cover Installation 55:minutes and DISK 2: Seat & Cantle Binding Installation 95: minutes

$150 + shipping and handling


DVD Package Deal

package-dealCary Schwarz and Schwarz Productions (TJ Schwarz) presents something for beginner and advanced leather carvers.

Get all 3 DVD’s for a great price in this limited time offer.

$115 postage paid to US, $120 to Canada and Europe postage paid.


Floral Design II by Cary Schwarz

DSCN03145Cary Schwarz and Schwarz Productions (TJ Schwarz) presents something for beginner and advanced leather carvers.

This DVD is a tutorial that breaks down the design-on-paper into bite sized pieces. It is a series of exercises where the viewer, with pencil and sketchbook in hand follow line-for-line a variety of flowers, leaves and scrolls. These exercises force the student to focus on the visual information as it is laid down. I’ve used these exercises dating back a number of years with good results for a range of abilities. Approximately 45 minutes of instruction.

$40 postage paid to US, $45 to Canada and Europe postage paid.


Floral Design by Cary Schwarz

Cary Schwarz and Schwarz Productions (TJ Schwarz) presents something for beginner and advanced leather carvers.

This DVD features the progression of laying down visual information on paper. Specific focus is on balance, construction lines, working from basics to specifics, and managing negative space within the context of floral carving design. About one hour of instruction.

$45.00 USD


Floral Carving by Cary Schwarz

Cary Schwarz and Schwarz Productions (TJ Schwarz) presents something for beginner and advanced leather carvers.

This DVD is about an hour long and is devoted to executing a simple floral pattern in leather. It starts with sharpening and cutting with a swivel knife. It shows a technique I use when cutting that, when mastered, will help make anyone’s cutting smoother, easier and probably faster. I show the use of stamping tools that apply different textures in a progression that is worked out over many years. The viewer will be introduced to some new tools that are variations of familiar ones and how to use them in new ways. Novices and veteran leatherworkers alike will get something out of this DVD.

$45.00 USD


Reviews & Testimonials

Not only is Cary an exceptional artist and craftsman, he is a great communicator and teacher who is more than willing to share his knowledge with anyone wanting to learn. Careful attention was paid to correct camera angle so you can see the work being done rather than the back of a hand. Both DVDs are full of valuable information, a real asset for anybody doing or wanting to learn flower stamping.

Steve Sherrill (Virginia)

The presentation flows nicely. The various principles of design and layout that you utilize are well presented. It is one of the few that covers design and layout of tooling patterns from the standpoint of a saddle. Thanks for documenting and sharing your process.

Ben Cox (Texas)

I found Cary an excellent and patient teacher who willingly shared his knowledge. To my opinion, this DVD set is the perfect choice for beginners and professionals – in any case it’s a “must have” for every leathercrafter’s personal library.

Wolfgang Fey (Saddlemaker, Germany)

          Just got my three Cary Schwarz DVD’s last Friday. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve learned over the weekend, just about wore them out. I got the Floral Design,Floral           Design II and the Floral Carving. I’ve been in this business for more years than I want to say, but always want to learn more with every day. Cary has done a fine job of explaining       everything step by step and even drawing along with him. My hat is off to Cary for the fine job he has done for our craft. My only hope now is to meet this fine Gentlemen someday. Cary         thanks for everything and more importantly your friendship.

Lee York (Arkansas)

Saddles & Silver
Collaboration in the Traditional Cowboy Arts
by A. J. Mangum, Scott Hardy, Cary Schwarz

A collaborative partnership cannot take root unless its participants are open to the idea of a shared creative experience. A would-be collaborator must possess a genuine willingness to share ideas and energy; invite the ideas and opinions of a partner, offering both respect and enthusiasm in return; and adapt his working style to accommodate that of his partner, all in the belief that a collaborative experience can offer an unmatched opportunity to grow and improve.” It was with the above mindset that saddlemaker Cary Schwarz and silversmith Scott Hardy began an unmatched creative journey that’s resulted in some of the finest western saddles ever made. Saddles & Silver reveals the story behind each of the pair’s collaborative efforts, and offers a rare glimpse inside the creative processes of two of the world’s most gifted craftsmen.

Available at these fine outlets:
The Eclectic Horseman Mercantile
Barnes & Noble