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Day 30


So what have we learned in the last month or so? Here are the things that I’d like to see you take away from our time together (not necessarily in order of importance):

  1. Stay loose with your sketching using lots of lines, ‘feeding’ yourself visual information that you can build on. Try to keep that ‘freedom of movement’ that will give your work expression.
  2. Work to ignore that judgmental voice in your head that wants your work to be satisfactory the first time you try.
  3. Approach your designs with an eye toward the process that will get you where you want to go one step at a time. 
  4. Try to make a little time each day for doodling. Make this time something that is built into your routine and you will look forward to it each day, and miss it when you don’t. Free yourself from the worry of the rules that you think you’re supposed to follow…start a conversation with the paper. No one is watching. No one is judging, not even you, right? Have fun with it. 

This is all preparation for ‘game time’ when you have a project that you have in mind. 



Well folks…it’s wrap on our daily assignments. Go forth and conquer with the tools you’ve got in your tool box!


Day 29



Here’s a little vignette that I put into a cantle dish some time ago. 

Have fun!

Day 28



And now for something more complicated. As I said earlier, don’t be intimidated with all the stuff going on here. Rough out some gesture drawings and then dial into that main construction line. “Sneak up” to the more detailed information.

Day 26



Let’s see what you can do with this cut design I did a few years ago.


Front and rear jockeys for a buckaroo’s saddle

Day 27



Let’s get real again with this little buttercup. There’s a reason that this type of flower is popular with floral carvers and it’s not just because it is simple. It has five petals which makes it fall into the guideline of using an odd number of elements in your designs. 

Study this over and see what’s going on here. Is the center of the flower in the center of the flower? Are these petals all pretty much flat? Are they evenly spaced?

There is a ‘real’ and organic quality in this picture. Try to replicate that in your sketching and in your tooling.

Have a great day!

Day 25


I got around to showing what I’d do with this flower from a couple days ago. Scribbles and gibberish on the first sketch, just trying to find my way to what this flower is doing. Then finding that main construction line on the second sketch. Then roughing in the basic shapes of the leaves/petals.

You may remember our visits about learning ‘what’ to draw versus learning how to draw. The ‘what’ is important, but the first step is ‘how’. Make no mistake, you’ve been learning how to draw and that foundation will take you where you want to go.


Give this flower another try. You’re still not comfortable with the gibberish and scribbles I know. Bear on.



Day 24



All of the skills you’ve been learning can apply to any type of drawing. Ask yourself…what is this horse doing? what is the rider doing? What expression do you see here. Roughout a gesture drawing or two. Then take another look at what is going on and find basic construction lines and shapes. Gradually build in detail throughout the whole drawing…resist the temptation to ‘finish’ one part of it before the rest.


Day 23



Here are a few mustaches that you can have fun with!



Day 22



How are your skills of observation coming along? That’s one of the first lessons of art.

What is the movement that’s happening with this stylized flower? Where is that construction line? How could we improve on this line and it’s movement if we were to make this a leather flower?

  1. Gesture x 3
  2. Construction lines
  3. Add detail

If you’re inclined, send me a pic of your final effort at refining this flower for leather. 

Day 21



I saw you nodding off there and thought we need to get real. Have fun with these real daffodils. 

  1. Gesture
  2. Construction lines
  3. Basic shapes
  4. Add detail
  5. Have fun