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dirtContrary to popular belief, I don’t live, breathe, and eat leather…at least not all the time. One of the many small things I do on a regular basis is a little time with dirt under my fingernails.

It’s a way of keeping grounded.

As Malcolm Gladwell once said “we cannot separate ourselves from where we’ve been.” Growing up on a farm with tools in hand and a job to do…that’s my context. Dirt connects me to what Wendell Berry calls “the gift of good land.” It is another way to cultivate a life that feeds the need we all have for hands-on accomplishment.

Oh yeah, the sweet corn and carrots fresh from the garden are the only way to go! So I’m thinking it might even make me a better saddlemaker!

I've never seen a hoe quite like this one we found some years ago. I finally got around to putting a new handle on it this spring.

I’ve never seen a hoe quite like this one we found some years ago…it’s pretty handy!





TCAA 2014 cantleThis spring and summer seems like the busiest time this year. Just one of the projects I’m working on is this year’s TCAA saddle. In my visits with my co-conspirator Scott Hardy we came up with this idea of a dyed border that would frame up the saddle. It is always an anxious process when you pick up a brush, dip it into alcohol based dye and hope for the best on the leather. So far no major catastrophes.

Christoval, Texas


Capron class 2I taught a design and floral carving class at Christoval, Texas in June. We had ten students who spent one day working on paper learning principles of design and a systematic way of laying visual information down. The second day featured instruction on swivel knife work, and stamping tool selection and use. I was very happy with how this class went. I don’t often teach at a location other than my own shop, but it went well.

Here’s a list of the folks who attended:

Morgan Seaman

Ross Bullinger

Clint Haverty

Russ Harris

Ely Ganzer

Dylan Randall

Taylor Meeske

Wayne Decker

Jeff Greer

Cody Briggs

Capron classThis session was hosted by Wilson and Katy Capron where everyone enjoyed world class hospitality and Katy’s fabulous meals. ‘Maybe we’ll do it again one day!