Honoring Traditions

For horses and horsemen

The rich Cowboy Culture of the American West has demanded that there be an active connection between rugged durability and enduring beauty.

Honoring Traditions  [For horses and horsemen]


to every detail and stitch

Though it is built indoors on a saddle stand, the context with which a saddle is built is always the back of a horse.

Commitment  [to every detail and stitch]

Function & Art

for cowboys and collectors

In the West, the saddle tells the story of where we’ve been, where we are, and provides clues to where we are going.

Function & Art [for cowboys and collectors]

“The best saddles made are those that have a successful blend of function and art.
This is the goal for every saddle I build whether plain or fancy.”

The Custom Shop

The Custom Shop

I’ll keep a few pieces on here as I make them; for cowboys and collectors alike. Have a look and see if there’s something for yourself, or a gift that says: “you’re one of a kind.

Floral Design

Floral Design

A project started by my son and I for teaching the craft of tooling leather. Whatever it may be, every project begins with design and we put together a few tips.

Floral Carving II

Floral Carving II

The latest in our series of instructional videos, this DVD was directed and aimed at both aspiring and professional leather artists to making the right start.